Arto Rinne records solo album in Finland!

In the summer of 2006 Arto signed the contract with the finnish record label Uho Production. The manager of this project is legendary finnish producer Atte Blom, well known for his work with tens of famous finnish groups as Hurriganes, Leningrad Cowboys, Hanoi Rocks, Leevi & The Leavings etc.

2006. Rakkauteen Uhohdetut / Minun Marja
2006. Rakkauteen Uhohdetut /
Minun Marja

In September 2006 Uho released Arto's first single-record Rakkauteen Uhohdetut / Minun Marja.

The whole album "Kiireen Kääntöpuolella" will be released in spring 2007 in Finland.

The album includes songs of Peter Coon, composer from Petrozavodsk. Lyrics are written by finnish poets. The style of the song material is pop music with elements of finnish shlagers, rock and even country.

Read more about this project on Uho's site: