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1. Девушка догадлива (Quick-witted girl)
    L.Demina, lyrics trad
2. Свеча (Candle)
    L.Demina, lyrics trad
3. Hilpeä kurttupolkka (Joyful button-box polka)
4. Заонежская (The song from across lake Onego)
    A.Rinne, lyrics V.Agapitov
5. Maanitus
6. Herra Petteri (Mr.Petteri)
7. Marjaini-Darjaini (My sweetheart, Daria)
    A.Rinne, lyrics trad / L.Karpova
8. Surupäivät (Days of sorrow)
    A.Rinne, lyrics trad / A.Rinne
9. Piirileikki kun aljettiin (When the round game was started)
    trad, lyrics trad / A.Rinne
10. Menneille ystäville (For my gone friends)
11. Sukkulapolkka (Shuttle Polka)
12. Minä muistan ikuisesti (Forever in my mind)
       trad, lyrics trad / A.Rinne
13. Melkutus

The Finnish word “Palapeli“ means a puzzle with pieces, piece game.
Sattuma's front cover title is compiled with ancient, 5000-6000 year old clay pottery pieces, from the shore of Saamajarvi Lake, Karelia.

Eila Rinne – fiddle, karelian bowed lyre, vocals

Vladik Demin – fiddle, folk flutes, vocals

Arto Rinne – accordion, bouzuki, 10-string kantele, harmonica, two row button box, mandolin, maracas, vocals

Dmitry Demin – clarinet, folk flutes, bagpipe, djembe, didgeridoo, wooden horn

With Alexander Gorskoff – double bass

Recorded at the "Faces Petroskoi" studio, Petrozavodsk, August-November 2007, by Mikhail Ushinin.
Mixed by Dmitry Demin, Mikhail Ushinin and Arto Rinne.
English translations – Leo Jeremejev, Anna-Mari Barrineau.
Photos – Sattuma, Tanya Melnichenko, Jorma Airola, Elina Zhukova.
Graphic design – Igor Lednev, Vladimir Shamatura.
All arrangements by Arto, Dmitry and Sattuma.

Thanks to Alexander Gorshkov for the additional double-bass; to Lada Demina, Paro Remsu, Olga Vatanen, Juho Vaittinen, Feodor Pratsu, Konsta Jylhä for the songs and melodies; to our families for their support; Vyacheslav Agapitov for the lyrics in trans-Onego Russian dialect; Leena Karpova for editing Marjaini-lyrics into the Karelian “Tunkua” dialect; Peter Coon for the studio; Antti Hänninen for the Sattuma web site; Sherry Merrick for support.

Like in previous albums Sattuma's third includes compositions by Arto Rinne, Lada Demina, legendary finnish fiddler Konsta Jylhä and also traditional Karelian material collected in the area and arranged by the group.

Melodies for "Melkutus" and "Maanitus" are from the book "Jouhikko and kantele tunes", collected by Finnish folklorist A.O.Väisänen in early 20th century in the Ladoga lake region of Karelia.

Field recordings of "Herra Petteri", "Piirileikki kun aljettiin" and "Minä muistan ikuisesti" are made in July 1987 in Vuokkiniemi (Voknavolok), Northern part of Karelian Republic in Russia also known as Viena (White sea) Karelia.

Piirileikki kun aljettiin (When the round game was started)
Field recording. Sung by Alexandra Remsu.
Vuokkiniemi, Kalevala district, White Sea Karelia, July 1987.

Herra Petteri (Mr.Petteri)
Field recording. Sung by Paro Remsu.
Vuokkiniemi, Kalevala district, White Sea Karelia, July 1987.

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