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Two fathers, two kids, one special sound

Hailing from Karelia, Russia, near the border with Finland, Sattuma, a Karelian folk ensemble, performs at Bates College Saturday night. The group will also be stopping at Montello Heights Retirement Community in Lewiston and at schools in Mechanic Falls.

The ensemble is made up of two fathers, Arto Rinne and Dima Demin, and Rinne's 13-year-old daughter Eila and Demin's 10-year-old son Vlad. The ensemble performs traditional Russian and Finnish polkas, waltzes and other folk-dance melodies and songs using fiddles, the accordion, the clarinet, flutes, a jaw harp, a harmonica, bagpipes and traditional Finnish instruments known as "kantele" and "jouikko."

Call 782-0386 for reservations or more information.

Portland Press Herald
October 30, 2003

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